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A very special Recintha Safety fence for Brazil

Safe, anti-glare and shears-proof: what a smart solution for the last generation highways fence!

The Recintha Safety like you've never seen it before, joining the visual screening to the security. It is not about houses or industrial complexes, but the Brazilian highways.
The challenge that the developer has submitted to Nuova Defim Orsogril was clear: to supply a fence solution designed and tailored to be installed between the two opposite directions of a motorway in Sao Paulo province.

Two the main issues raised:

1. In the first instance, to install the fence on the new jersey barriers in between the roadway, creating a visual screen capable of tarnishing the car lights coming from the opposite directions to avoid dangerous glare.

2. In the second measure, same level of importance, increasing the road security making more difficult the car crossing from side to side of the carriageway in the event of an accident.

A very special Recintha Safety fence for Brazil

Nuova Defim Orsogril technical staff identified in the Recintha Safety fence style the ideal model to work on, in order to adapt the modular design to the specific use.

In particular the mesh orientation has been placed vertically rather than horizontally, to maintain the mechanical characteristics of the panel, improving the screening impact.

To further raise the level of security and to avoid the risk of pedestrian crossings, it has been provided a particularly narrow centres wires mesh of only 12.7mm distance (1/2 inch), in order to prevent shearing and fraudulent cut-outs.

In total, 3,500 panels were installed on the eight kilometres run of this project phase. The site installation has been completed quickly: only one month and a half.


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