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Code of Conduct

To produce and grow respecting environment and mankind

The Feralpi Group’s Code of Conduct is a benchmark for promoting and encouraging work and business ethics. Also for Nuova Defim, its adoption acts as an aid for preventing the crimes contemplated by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 on corporate administrative liability. The Code of Conduct sets out the undertakings and ethical responsibilities in running the company taken on by Feralpi's collaborators and the companies they control, regardless of whether they are administrators or employees.
The Code of Conduct is based on a preliminary analysis of the corporate values that guide Feralpi employees in the course of their daily work. These are the so-called core values. They are based on a fundamental principle, an expression of corporate identity and originally set out in the founder's motto: working and growing through respect for man and his environment, a principle that promotes understanding and harmony between individuals, technology and nature.
The mission the Feralpi Group has set itself is the result of this vision and aims at achieving sustainable growth by producing and developing quality products and seeking the best operating conditions to achieve top performance. When working in and with the Group, everyone is required to comply with the Code of Conduct, ensure that it is complied with and report any breach of the rules, in accordance with his/her tasks and functions.


Download the Feralpi Group's Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct