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Environment, Safety and Quality

Nuova Defim’s commitment to sustainable development has led it to draw up a series of policies. 
These policies bring together and harmonise social, environmental and economic aspects in a daily modus operandi shared at all levels.

Great emphasis is placed on the Safety Policy, the purpose of which is to safeguard the workers and the local community, not merely by imposing a set of rules, but also by encouraging the development of a risk-prevention culture and the adoption of responsible behaviour. Such an attitude is desired of all employees and also anyone working with or for the company.

One of the areas in which Nuova Defim operates methodically and in accordance with clearly defined objectives is its Environmental Policy.

Last but not least, a fundamental role is played by the company’s Quality Policy, the aim of which is to satisfy all the stakeholders in terms of sustainable development.


Nuova Defim - Sustainability