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Talia® / Screen / TaliAlive
Wall Cladding

Talia / Screen / TaliAlive

With its many variants, the  range of TALIA® fencing is the ideal solution to meet the aesthetic requirements of both new projects and the growing demand for the renovation of new building structures. The elegant linear profile blends harmoniously with all settings, from the most modern hi-tech solution the that in tune with nature. All this is possible thanks to the many types of finish available (hot-dip galvanized and painted) and the materials used. Among these, Nuova Defim Orsogril offers the exclusive TALIALIVE, which combines the unique style of TALIA® with the properties of COR-TEN steel, such as warm and "live" colours, no need of maintenance, an advantage that is particularly appreciated for installations at a  height.

The TALIA® profile is available in the standard and Screen versions to meet different  shielding requirements. The panels are installed in collaboration with the technical office, using either standard products, or custom solutions for specific projects. The absence of surface finish in the TALIALIVE version speeds up delivery times and makes it possible to make on-site corrections, without compromising aesthetics.

Available Finishes


Zincato a caldo

Hot dip Galvanized


Zincato a caldo e verniciato

Hot dip Galvanized and Painted

with epoxy resin powders