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Talia Ventus
Louvered Panels

Talia Ventus

Thanks to the specific profiles, this product brings together elegance and privacy. With its refined design and the capability to preserve privacy TALIA® VENTUS represents a typical product of Italian tradition, where attention to detail is a guarantee of quality and beauty. TALIA® VENTUS is the only louvered fencing system certified for wind load, a characteristic the latter, granted by the post and panel integration, making the system even quicker and easier to install.

Supporto Macs

Talia Ventus MACS


With Talia Ventus the intelligent MACS fence system, extends its use from the large industrial site to family dimension.


• A compact, elegant and highly distinctive sensor design.

• Sensor and cable available in different colors to match any project style.

• A sensor case shape designed specifically to facilitate installation.

• A single central screw assembling mechanism.


With MACS (MEMS-based anticlimbing system), break-in and overtaking attempts are individually detected, discriminating with extreme precision natural or accidental events. Thanks to the easy installation and the remote monitoring, this package represents an important step forward for perimeter security.


Technical Sheets
PANEL POST Post to be set in concrete Post with base plate
H L Weight Section Fixing points L Weight galv. L Weight galv.
mm mm kg/ea kg/m2 mm mm kg/ea mm kg/ea
954 1650 36,9 23,5 80x8 3 1200 6,6 1001 6,2
954 2000 41,9 22,0 80x8 3 1200 6,6 1001 6,2
1596 1650 60,0 22,8 80x8 3 1850 10,2 1643 9,8
1596 2000 68,6 21,5 80x8 3 1850 10,2 1643 9,8
1963 1650 74,1 22,9 80x8 3 2300 12,7 2010 11,8
1963 2000 84,8 21,6 80x8 3 2300 12,7 2010 11,8
Available Finishes


Zincato a caldo

Hot dip Galvanized


Zincato a caldo e verniciato

Hot dip Galvanized and Painted

with epoxy resin powders