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Recintha Giglio
Vertical Railing Panels

Recintha Giglio

Residential, modular panels’ fence, RECINTHA® GIGLIO evokes great villas typical wrought iron fences dated back to early 20th century. Thanks to the tubular structure design completed with the cast iron top Giglio finish, the private and public areas are surrounded with style, allowing also an open view of the greenery behind. The surface is treated with special powders coating, to give the fence a unique antique, handcrafted look ideal for homes with high quality finishes. The special assembling system, easy and efficient, make it adaptable to all situations, simplifying the installation process.

Top Giglio ends
Crab-type joint
Technical Sheets
PANEL POST Post to be set in concrete Post with base plate
H L Weight Tube Section Fixing points L Weight galv. L Weight galv.
mm mm kg/ea kg/m2 mm mm kg/ea mm kg/ea
1015 2000 10,2 5,0 Ø 40 2 1360 2,9 1160 3,0
1215 2000 11,5 4,7 Ø 40 2 1560 3,2 1360 3,3
1415 2000 12,7 4,5 Ø 40 2 1760 3,5 1560 3,6
Available Finishes
Prezincato e verniciato

Galvanized and Painted

with epoxy resin powders