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Grating Panels


This is a high security fence system inspired by the most robust stadium boundaries and complies with the highest civil applications push load resistance standards. The horizontal steel plate welded directly to the post, as well as speeding up the installation operations, also makes the whole system extremely hard to be cut by shears and vandal proof. The visual permeability combines perfectly with the use of video surveillance devices for the complete effectiveness of this fencing system.

The central “fascia” enhances the fence design and makes it possible to hide the anti-climb electronics, thanks to the MACS system that can be installed in an invisible and inaccessible way together with the fence or on a later stage.

Supporto Macs

Elettra MACS


Elettra MACS was born from the integration of Elettra physical characteristics, with the most advanced electronics techniques; this exclusive intelligent fence defines a new and higher safety standard when equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, perfectly integrated in the system. A unique system that guarantees:


• A stylish Italian style integrated protection,

• Sensors and cables invisible and inaccessible,

• A pre-tuned self-learning system.


With MACS (MEMS-based anticlimbing system), break-in and overtaking attempts are individually detected, discriminating with extreme precision natural or accidental events. Thanks to the easy installation and the remote monitoring, this package represents an important step forward for perimeter security.


Piantana saldata a “C” 80x40x23x12x2mm
Vite testa esagonale M6x20 Inox
Technical Sheets
PANEL POST Post to be set in concrete Post with base plate Bay
C Section Fixing points L L Weight Weight
mm mm mm mm mm kg/ea kg/m2
1722 2000 80x40x23x12x2 saldata 2040 1770 54.45 15.81
2342 2000 80x40x23x12x2 saldata 2660 2390 67.82 14.48
Available Finishes


Zincato a caldo

Hot dip Galvanized


Zincato a caldo e verniciato

Hot dip Galvanized and Painted

with epoxy resin powders