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Recintha Stadium
Wire Panels

Recintha Stadium

This specially designed fence for sport location is made in welded mesh according to the UNI EN 13200 norm. RECINTHA® STADIUM is not just a robust and very sturdy fence, but also guarantees to the audience an excellent vision through. In order to offer a product able to respond the new sports projects characteristics, this system has been equipped with particularly elegant and nice posts.

Available in three models: RS1 H = 2230 mm; RS2 H = 2430 mm; RS3 H = 2230 mm + 630 mm (cranked top) to comply to different sports facility areas standards.

Omega post 120x60x30x3mm section
Cranked top
Horizontal railing “U” section
Technical Sheets
PANEL POST Post to be set in concrete Post with base plate
H L Weight Omega section Fixing points L Weight galy L Weight galy
mm mm kg/ea kg/m2 mm mm kg/ea mm kg/ea
2230 2508 42,9 8,7 120x60x30 11 3000 35,4 - -
2430 2508 46,7 8,7 120x60x30 13 3000 36,2 - -
2230+630 2508 42,9 8,7 120x60x30 11 2780+650 41,1 - -
Available Finishes


Prezincato e verniciato

Galvanized and Painted

with epoxy resin powders