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When wood chooses steel

Talia fence and gates selected by wood leader manufacturer Castiglioni. Design, modernity and functionality enhanced with Nuova Defim Orsogril steel.

It may sound like a word-play, but this time "wood" selected “steel”. Or, in other words, a market leader who built up his success manufacturing timber floors, window / door frames / furniture industry and interior profiles, elected Nuova Defim Orsogril Talia fence (download product brochure and data sheet) to stylishly protect his Como based maxi facility. This is the Castiglioni company based in Bregnano that maintained his production plant elegance and stylistic care using a steel fence in line with the landscape aesthetics, without neglecting privacy, security and functionality.


The client was looking for a product that starting from the fence and the entrance gates – any building first sight "business card" – would emphasize his offer high-tech look and details care peculiarities.


Talia was a solution capable of combining craftsmanship inspiration and industrial perfection with the Italian design common denominator; this final topic to be considered a strong point leading to the product easy installation and the minimum use of cut to size panels.



 Talia Fence



 Talia vehicular gate

Data sheet:

Product: Talia

Finish: Hot dip galvanized after welding

Length: over 100 meters

Panel size: h. 1600 mm x 2000 mm

Installation and fixing system: Post to be cemented, s/s anti-theft bolts made 

Gates: 2no. sliding gates h. 1870 mm x 6000 mm





Linearity, a style never going out of style

The entire production site is based on a modern and linear design. The same characteristics are peculiar of Talia fence who reflects the actual building's design resulting in a current look.



Talia fence and gate overview


The galvanized steel to give light and contrast

The galvanized steel Talia option has been the client final finish choice, to give more prominence to the technology that belongs to his business tradition and to emphasize a color contrast between the gardens greens and the silvery reflex of the zinc coating. 

The hot dipped galvanizing processed after the welding of the elements, extends the fence durability further, keeping it immaculate lifetime.



Fence elegance and privacy merging, thanks to the special inclined profiles section


Talia gates infill: screening and transparency

In order to maintain a perfect matching between fencing and gates, two sliding gates on rail of 6 meters long and 1.87 meters high have been installed. The result was an absolute harmony between the two elements: the alignment of the horizontal profiles distinguished the visual homogeneity for a professional result and a high-level aesthetic result.

The parallel slabs structure allowed a degree of visual permeability to protect the privacy without creating a solid impenetrable wall, granting a play of changing perspectives depending to the standpoint angle and lightened the fence overview.



Talia sliding gate video (click the arrow to see the video)


Privacy and Securit

The protection is also subject to technologies. In this case, the developer had to associate the Talia gates to the traditional control systems, such as cameras.

Steel and technology together. A combination developed and adopted by Nuova Defim Orsogril to give life to a real "smart" fence. This is Recintha Safety ACS and the curious ones can discover it clicking here



Alarm system and cameras detail, showing Talia fence securing perimeter protection