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Who We Are

Nuova Defim Orsogril: innovation and confidence

Nuova Defim is specialized in the manufacturing of professional, industrial and civil welded mesh, gratings, fencing and railings panels


Part of Feralpi Group, one of the most important steel manufacturers in Europe, Nuova Defim is the core of an integrated manufacturing system controlled in every step, starting from the steel scap fusion made in the headquarters steel making ovens, ending to the wire and grating panels welding process. Nuova Defim is the sole European company able to manufacture wire and grating product where quality, design and service are elements of distinction also supported by a very qualified technical department.


With its trade marks the company grants innovation and confidence, offering a first class service based on the continous research of the last generation process and technology. Nuova Defim actively operates in the domestic and foreign markets.

Nuova Defim